6-Month Maintenance Kit

Compatibility: 0.5 HP, 1 HP & 1.5 HP water chillers and XL Ice Bath.

Contains: 6-month SPA-level essential supplies kit for complete maintenance.

  • 6 Filters: Essential for maintaining the clarity and quality of your water.
  • 16 oz Sirona Sanitizer: Guarantees a clean, hygienic cold plunge experience.
  • 32 oz Sirona Oxidizer: Enhances water oxidation and purity for a superior plunge.
  • 16 oz Alkalinity Up: Keeps water alkalinity balanced for an optimal plunging environment.
  • 16 oz pH Down: Fine-tunes the water's pH level to perfection.
  • 25 Testing Strips: For quick, accurate assessments of water conditions.
  • Measuring Spoon: Ensures precise dosages for water treatments.
  • Water Maintenance Guide: Your all-in-one manual for maintaining pristine water.
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