Water Chillers For Ice Baths / Cold Plunge

Premium water chillers for ice baths. Our 2024 models offer exceptional value for money, combining superior quality with advanced features at a great price. Cool water down to 36°F with smart remote control and scheduling. Constructed with military-grade components, our chillers excel both indoors and outdoors and handle very warm climates effectively.Boost recovery, immunity, and enjoy consistent cold water therapy without the hassle of buying ice or costly $7k+ setups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We strive to price match products that offer the same features and quality, but here's typically what we find: Other brands may offer older chiller models that are far inferior to ours. These models often come with engineering flaws and reliability issues and usually lack modern features.

We pride ourselves on providing a bulletproof 1-year warranty and an optional extended 3-year warranty. To ensure the highest quality, we have partnered with the most qualified manufacturers to produce a supremely reliable, upgraded, and thoroughly tested product.

Our 2024 models of 1HP and 1.5HP water chillers feature:

  • Faster startup
  • High-hardness hoses
  • Quick-installation joints
  • Reusable filters
  • Portable handles
  • Much better power efficiency

In essence, our chillers are fundamentally different in terms of engineering. We prefer to offer a more expensive product that is proven to be more reliable rather than sell a substandard product.

For a well-informed purchase, we recommend researching cold plunge brands and checking reviews on websites like TrustPilot.com and forums such as Reddit.

We’ve partnered with TrueMed to allow you to use your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA), and purchase our products with pre-tax dollars. As they can be prescribed for a variety of health concerns.

At checkout select the TrueMed payment method. You can either pay directly with your FSA/HSA debit card or you can pay with your regular credit/debit card and reimbursed after.

In case you decide to pay with your regular debit/credit card, after your purchase you will need to fill in a one-minute form (three steps). After that, you will receive your letter of medical necessity (LMN) from the TrueMed medical specialists within a couple of hours. The reimbursement is guaranteed by TrueMed.

You can find more information on this page: https://arctic-warriors.com/pages/buy-cold-plunge-with-hsa-fsa

If you live in an area where temperatures reach 85°F or higher, we recommend opting for a more powerful chiller. While most brands market 0.3HP or 0.5HP chillers as the ideal solution, these models often lack sufficient power, leading to disappointment when they fail to achieve the desired temperatures.

The Arctic 1HP 2024 Chiller is well-suited for most warm climates, as it efficiently cools water down and maintains constant low temperatures with ease. This unit can cool down to 37°F—a capability that's mission impossible for 0.5 HP chillers. Smaller chillers struggle to cool the water down to the 40s even in cooler conditions.

We've been asked: "Will this hold up in 100 degree temperatures? (Texas)"

For extremely hot climates and larger water volumes, such as bigger plunge pools or tubs, the PRO MAX 1.5 HP Wi-Fi Water Chiller/Heater is your best bet. It cools water down to 36°F much faster than other models, making it an ideal choice for both home setups and commercial spa facilities. Most companies do not even offer a comparable option.

The noise level of our chillers is relatively low, although it varies based on their power.

For instance, the 0.5 HP Chiller produces less than 55 dB(A) of noise, the 1 HP Chiller less than 60 dB(A), and the 1.5 HP Chiller less than 65 dB(A).

To put this into perspective, 60 decibels is roughly equivalent to a normal conversation between two people sitting about 3 ¼ feet apart.

If you install your cold plunge setup in a garage (which is common), on your porch, or in the backyard, the noise should not be bothersome. Keep in mind that these noise levels represent the maximum when the chillers are operating at full capacity. The chiller will not run continuously; once the water reaches the desired temperature, it will simply maintain it.

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Additionally, if you are Military, First Responder, Medical Provider, Teacher, Student, Senior, Non-Profit, Union Member or Disabled - you can also contact our support via chat/phone and we can create a special discount for you, depending on your status.